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Offering Investigations and Litigation Support Services
Established in 2003. 

Licensed in the State of CA #23450 and in the State of TN #2375.

Over Two Decades of Experience

About Us

Litigation Advantage has over 20 years of investigation experience working closely with attorneys and law firms in a variety of legal specialty areas. What sets our team apart from all others is our legal education and experience. In many cases, an investigator who can think like a lawyer can make a big difference in the result of a case. Owner, Ruffo Espinosa III, is a law school graduate and private investigator who has worked since 1996 with some of the top rated Super Lawyers in California.

Why Choose Our Services

Our investigation firm has the requisite knowledge, professional skills and experience.  We approach each investigation with the same level of integrity, skill and commitment. By allowing us an opportunity to investigate your case we work with the goal of uncovering the truth necessary to resolving any matter in dispute.  Our findings have helped many businesses, attorneys and private clients resolve their disputes, obtain dismissals or receive large settlement awards .  

Litigation Advantage

We are experts atNecessary to uncovering the truth.