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Litigation Advantage

It might be difficult to imagine but an attorney or law firm after investing a lot of money and time into a very important case may face having their case dismissed and being subject to additional adverse consequences for the following reasons:

  1. The client has suspiciously lost interest because he/she has been paid off by the defendant company;
  2. Attorney or law firm has lost communication with the client because the client has become ill; or
  3. The client has simply lost interest and no longer wants to participate.

Whatever the reasons may be, it can be extremely damaging to the case and a law firm’s standing to lose a case because of a missing client. In these instances, hiring an experienced investigator or investigation firm can help avoid your case being dismissed and a financial loss. Experienced investigators can uncover the real reason the client is unavailable, find additional similarly situated co-workers ready to stand in the shoes of the missing client and if possible, restore the client’s trust in the attorney.  With proper test proven investigation techniques into the defendant company often times the right investigation firm can readily remedy the case of a missing client that will not only revive your case but strengthen it and increase it’s monetary value.